You push Go. Let us take care of the rest.

1. White Glove Service.

247Rush is special because we do more than simply deliver your package—we install it, too! Whether you need an old technology swapped out for the new, a different piece installed, or a brand new piece of equipment all together, we’ve got you covered. You’ll never have to waste your weekend or workday struggling with unruly installations again.
247Rush has literally perfected the white glove service, a unique delivery service for goods that require expert installation or repairs done on delivery. Our qualified technicians will accompany the goods and then install them upon delivery. Talk about good shepherds.
You concentrate on what you do best. We’ll take care of the rest. We test your equipment to make sure it is working, and if it isn’t, we will work with it until it is. And if your company handles sensitive information, consider us your security blankets. You can’t trust credit card machines to just anyone, for example. With 247Rush, your security is never compromised. We often find ports that have unwittingly been left open, and immediately work to fix these. We’re looking out for you.

2. Point-to-Point Delivery

Our point-to-point delivery services are the safest, most reliable way to transport your goods from point A to point B. Your items will be cared for by our well-trained courier staff all the way from collection to delivery.
You can even track the progress of your consignment through our online tracker. Our point-to-point delivery service is fast and dependable.
Love immediate gratification? Try our same day or next day service. The experience will leave you satisfied.

3. Third Party Logistics

You rely on your third party logistics provider for part or all of your supply chain management functions. Why take risks with anyone less than the best? From warehousing to transportation services, we’ve got you covered. We have even have white glove installation available, so that you have support you can count on, every step of the process.
You’ve worked hard to build your brand. Let us help you extend your reach, and duplicate your unique company culture with our third party logistics. With 247Rush, you can recreate the magic again and again, even for your far flung customers.

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Although we’re happy to help over the phone 24/7, you may find the answer you’re looking for right here.

Do I need to bring my package directly to you?

Once you’ve placed your order, one of our couriers chaperons will be on their way to you immediately. We’ll pick up the package, and make sure it gets safely and quickly to wherever it needs to go.

All you ever have to do is push the button. Leave the rest to us!

Why do you need the zip code for my package’s destination?

So we don’t get lost.

How can I know for certain my package will be safe?

Our innovative system gets your package directly from point A to point B. In general, the more hands that touch a package, the less safe it will be. 247Rush has made it a goal to eliminate any unnecessary steps, as well as unnecessary handling, to better serve you, and protect your deliveries.

Each of our employees is bonded and secured. Rest easy. Your package is always safe and sound with us.

If my customer says he never received his parcel, how can you help me?

Our parcels are electronically tracked at every step. This information is available to you 24/7, and we are happy to help you locate a missing package.

What is the best way to reach you after your office closes?

We are never closed. Contact us whenever it is convenient. How’s that for serious service?

What should I do if my package needs to be rerouted?

Simply contact our real-time dispatch operator, and we will work with you to reroute your parcel on the fly.

Are there any size or weight limits?

Nope. If you can buy it, we can ship it.

What types of products do you install?

We can install everything from electronic devices to medical devices. If we don’t know how, we will learn. We pride ourselves on superior service at the touch of a button.

What type of troubleshooting will your service include?

We not only deliver your product, we are happy to install it, too. In addition we will swap out any unwanted machines or parts, so you don’t have to worry about inconvenient disposals or returns.

We will make sure you have the optimal setup for operating your new purchase, too. We’ll check to make sure all outlets are appropriately grounded, and will happily troubleshoot the machine to make sure it works to your satisfaction. We aren’t happy until you are happy.

How exactly are your couriers specially trained?

Each of our courier chaperons has undergone extensive training, both out in the field, and directly from the manufacturer.

This means you’ll never have to waste a weekend figuring out how to put together that new sofa from IKEA, or waste valuable office time figuring out how to install a new machine.

With 247Rush, we take care of the details, so you don’t have to.

Is there really that much of a difference between “white glove service” and regular service?

Absolutely. All our services always come with a smile, but with white glove service, we go the extra distance to deliver your package quickly and safely.

Can I use your service if I do not have an account?

Although we do allow immediate sign ups, we do require a certain amount of info to get you going. Call us and we are happy to work with you.

I do have an account—but I forgot my user name and password. Help!

Never fear. Technology is here to save the day! We have immediate services available on the website to retrieve your information.

What is your coverage area?

247Rush delivers nationwide to North America. We offer occasional international service as well. Ask, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Suppose something goes wrong—for example, my package gets lost en route, or arrives damaged—what will you do to help me?

We will get to the root of the problem, and if any part of it is due to our actions or mishandling, we will take appropriate responsibility.

I don’t want my customer to realize that I’ve simply drop shipped their items. It is important to me that my customer does not realize goods were collected from a third party. Can you help?

Yes! This is where 247Rush truly shines. We provide you with a logistic footprint for your delivery, as well as attaching service with a smile. This helps you establish your brand.

My invoice is incorrect. Can you help?

Please contact our billing service.

What’s your fastest service? I need this package delivered STAT.

Contact us; we will work with you.

Do you offer same day service?


How about next day service?


What are your delivery service hours?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 247Rush never sleeps.

Will you notify me when my package has been delivered?

We have a tech website and other tools to help you track your package. If tech is not your thing, however, we can find a way. Let us know you want to be notified directly, and we will contact you upon delivery with the appropriate smoke signals and jungle drums.

How can I track my package? Can I do this from my cell phone?

Yes, absolutely, we have apps that show the transit of your parcel in real time. You can watch it every step of the way, but that’s only entertaining for so long.

I’d like someone to have to sign for my package when it is delivered so I know for certain it has been received. Can you help me with this?

Yes. We have electronic POD, so your recipient can sign on our driver’s smart phone.

Do you have discounts if I use your service often?

Everyone provides discounts. We provide added value. But talk to us. We will find ways to add value to your life and business.

Are my packages automatically insured?


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If you love the gratification that comes with a job well done, we want to hear from you. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to accomplish a job.

We take pride in fostering a friendly, motivated culture where every team member is treated like family. Start your career search with us. You’ll love where we take you.


Maybe you don’t have the scheduling availability for a full-time position, or you just miss being on the road. Pick up a few extra hours with us. We’re happy to help you get where you’re going.

Any Time

247Rush also offers a unique opportunity to owner operators. How about a paid vacation? Feel like taking a trip to New York City, or maybe New Orleans? Once you have been bonded and secured, you are qualified to take one of our packages with you, so you can get reimbursed for your travels. We offer this unique opportunity to all our couriers. 247Rush brings the world to your fingertips—and not just for clients. We hope you’ll help us build our nationwide network of drivers and routes.

It is our goal to make 247Rush one of the best places to work in America. If none of our positions appeal to you, we want to hear from you, too. How can we be better?
Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:

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